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offering: a Low Cost System to measure and graphically display Cylinder Pressure as it occurs in your engine's cylinder

finally, now, an affordable low-cost but yet powerful and accurate Cylinder Pressure Measurement System is made available for the dedicated engine tuner as well as for Research & Development purposes.

The price starts at only EUR  5990.- including cylinder pressure sensor integrated into a spark plug !

(this is only US $ 8770.-)



What can it do for you ?

This system visualizes the complete combustion process of your engine in a running graph.  Detonation / Engine knock is immediately identified and the efficiency of your engine's combustion and working cycle is seen as it occurs.

  Gone are the days of listening to head phones and to guesswork...this is the most accurate way of mapping your engine, in terms of spark advance, fuelling and observing all engine cycles.

Accurate and cost-effective Measurement of Cylinder Pressure in an easy-to-use System - that is our mission !



e-mail us at: 

mep@dynosystems.de or mep@measurecylinderpressure.com



our main site is www.tatdyno.com ,however there is no feature of our
Cylinder Pressure Measurement System on there, yet.

Measure cylinder pressure - that is the way forward in precise and accurate engine calibration !

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